Science Communication

Communication Tools, Training and more

Many online resources can help scientists and scholars better connect with the press, public, policymakers, and each other. Below you can explore a host of handy links, all free unless otherwise noted. (Warning: Some of the links are parodies, showing what you should NOT do!)

  • Handbooks on dealing with press; giving effective talks; and shooting photos/video
  • articles with insights on the relationships of science, public and mass media
  • Blogs chronicling science communication and journalism
  • Fellowships for scientists wishing to learn communication skills

Several times a week, we hold webcasts on communication innovation, policy challenges and choices and the intersection of arts and sciences. Explore and share here:

Being visual, audible, accessible.

Here are staff picks and tips on social media, public speaking, graphics and more.

Op-ed image
How to Take Photos in the Field
Pod of the Planet

Guide to Effective Communication

Online Tutorials

The Science Editing Handbook, Knight Science Journalism Fellowship

Sharing Science With the Media and Public, American Geophysical Union

Giving a Science Presentation to Non-Science Audiences, American Geophysical Union

Communicating Science: Tools for Scientists and Engineers, American Association for Advancement of Science 

Social Media Workshop for Scientists: Extending Your Digital Footprint - Sree Sreenivasan, via Alan Alda Center Center for Communicating Science.

How to Write and Submit Opinion Pieces, The Op Ed Project

Writing and Submitting an Opinion Piece: A Quick Guide, The Earth Institute

Climate Change Communication: A Guide for Scientists and Educators, Center for Research on Environmental Decisions


A Scientist's Guide to Talking With the Media, Union of Concerned Scientists

If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face? Alan Alda

Don’t be Such a Scientist  Randy Olson

Am I Making Myself Clear?, Cornelia Dean, The New York Times (paperback $14.36)

Explaining Research, Oxford University Press

Working With Public Information Officers, Dennis Meredith