Science Communication

Communication Tools, Training and more

Many online resources can help scientists and scholars better connect with the press, public, policymakers, and each other. Below you can explore a host of handy links, all free unless otherwise noted. (Warning: Some of the links are parodies, showing what you should NOT do!)

  • Handbooks on dealing with press; giving effective talks; and shooting photos/video
  • articles with insights on the relationships of science, public and mass media
  • Blogs chronicling science communication and journalism
  • Fellowships for scientists wishing to learn communication skills

Several times a week, we hold webcasts on communication innovation, policy challenges and choices and the intersection of arts and sciences. Explore and share here:

Being visual, audible, accessible.

Here are staff picks and tips on social media, public speaking, graphics and more.

Op-ed image
How to Take Photos in the Field
Pod of the Planet

Guide to Effective Communication

Online Tutorials

Media Training A to Z, TJ Walker

A Research Communications Toolbox, Boise State University

Sharing Science With the Media and Public, American Geophysical Union

Giving a Science Presentation to Non-Science Audiences, American Geophysical Union

Communicating Science: Tools for Scientists and Engineers, American Association for Advancement of Science 

Social Media Workshop for Scientists: Extending Your Digital Footprint - Sree Sreenivasan, via Alan Alda Center Center for Communicating Science.

How to Write and Submit Opinion Pieces, The Op Ed Project

Writing and Submitting an Opinion Piece: A Quick Guide, The Earth Institute

Climate Change Communication: A Guide for Scientists and Educators, Center for Research on Environmental Decisions

The Science Editing Handbook, Knight Science Journalism Fellowship


A Scientist's Guide to Talking With the Media, Union of Concerned Scientists

If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face? Alan Alda

Don’t be Such a Scientist  Randy Olson

Am I Making Myself Clear?, Cornelia Dean, The New York Times (paperback $14.36)

Explaining Research, Oxford University Press

Working With Public Information Officers, Dennis Meredith